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I think that we all can agree that we have a lot of new norms in our lives. Depending on which field you work in, company, etc, you may...



I hate being around people, but love being around them at the same time. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I also know a lot of ya’ll understand. When creating this blog, I didn’t even want to talk about myself; but I wanted to inspire the masses with my experiences. I also tried to pick a niche and make that the focus, but people like us, you simply cannot put in a box. YES, I am confirmation that you are NOT alone.

This is The Extra Introvert; your place to find relatable content all about relationships, careers, education, business, self-care, travel, and style. Its purpose is to inspire, inform, and transform the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck. To help every reader improve their life, or gain new perspectives in whichever category of life, they feel compelled to.

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I have been identified as an Extrovert and as someone who could not imaginably have introverted tendencies due to speaking to large crowds and often competing in oral competitions and pageants. Other times, people have seen me as an introvert, the girl who smiles and nods her head and most likely doesn't have much to say.

Depending on the day and event, both people were right! I believe that because you identify as an introvert, it doesn't mean you can't and don't like to be social and that because you are an extrovert, it doesn't mean you don't value and need time to yourself to recharge.

Oh yeah, my real job is in Human Resources. I went to school and got a Bachelor's in English and a Master's in Business Administration. I  love coffee. Thoroughly enjoy "Trap Music" over anything else, and I like to travel.. I kind of enjoy 12-hour drives. I share a Great Dane dog named after music producer Zehtoven (but I tell everyone he's named after Beethoven...people like that), I love love love home gatherings but freak out at the thought of my home decor getting ruined, and my favorite color is any version of red, and yes pink is a version of red.


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