The Super Guide to Working from Home

I think that we all can agree that we have a lot of new norms in our lives. Depending on which field you work in, company, etc, you may be working at home for a long time to come, if not indefinitely. For some, this isn’t the most exciting news, as you’ll miss all of the perks of being in the office. Now, for the more introverted Extra Introverts, you’re thriving and love this time to yourself. It’s all you ever dreamed of.

Either way, here are some ways to stay engaged and productive.

1. Get dressed.

You don’t necessarily need to put on your Sunday’s best, but getting dressed gets you in the right mind frame for work. When you look good, you feel good, right? Maybe not, but it’ll help.

2. Choose the best location.

Location, location, location. Working from home can be complicated if you don’t have the correct working space. Working on the couch or in the bed, for me, is negative. If I am there, I can assure you much will not get done due to me needing a desk like space and multiple screens to get the most done possible. For others, this may help. Find what works for you best, and be sure to execute that. Oh yeah, natural light is a huge plus!

3. Get items that will help you be productive.

I cannot survive without at least two monitors, not to produce the best work at least. Even if that is just my laptop and desk screen. I had the luxury of my wonderful co-worker, lending me one of hers. Still, you can go to a second-hand store or department store of your choice and get a monitor and the necessary cords to get the luxury and feel that you are in the office and can comfortably complete your tasks.

4. Continue "Work Chats" with your co-workers.

Whether this is on Zoom, FaceTime, or even just a phone call, check-in and have some regular workday talks with your co-workers. If you are coming from a traditional work environment where you had a lot of people interaction, working from home this long can now be a lot. Don’t forget that it is possible to interact still, and it’s worth the extra mile.

5. Discover YOUR most productive time.

You have a little more flexibility now. If you wake up at 5 am and are ready to go, you can get a lot of work done at this time. If you are a night person, you may notice at 10 pm; you can get a lot knocked out. Please don’t overdo it (as I explain later), but do use your time wisely. Learn what works for you and execute it!

6. Find what keeps you going.

It’s the music for me. At home, I have the advantage of playing my music out loud. It really helps me focus, especially when performing repetitive tasks. It may be absolute silence for you. Make it happen!

7. Keep or develop your routines.

Flexibility can sometimes lead to inconsistency. Be sure to continue your morning routine and timeliness. Although your location may have changed, its best to adhere to whatever schedule you have developed.

8. Use the extra time you have to do more things you love.

Remember that 30-45 minute commute you previously endured? You now can do the morning yoga you always skipped out on or meditate. Let’s not forget the long lines during lunchtime, and you can now use to work out, read a book, go for a walk,

9. Don’t overdo it.

While you have the luxury of working more or getting some work done at different hours, don’t over exhaust yourself, or you will slowly but surely end up burned out.

10. Set rules for others in the home.

Make sure your home is the best possible place for you to work by setting the necessary boundaries. Do you have a spouse, significant other, kids or roommate that works from home too? If this is the case, everyone needs boundaries to make sure they can perform, learn, and execute at the best level possible. This is where communication comes into play and strategically planning how everyone can work together to work best from home.

What helps you while working from home? Which tip did you like best?